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After graduating with honors from the Art and Photography College of Warsaw, the city where she was born, Beata went on to work for one of the biggest record companies in Poland. She gained a great deal of experience working along side of the best graphic artists designing record, tape and video album covers as well as other art work. She also learned much about interior decorating and design while composing visual displays.

Beata then brought her skills to Canada where she enrolled at Toronto’s Humber College and graduated from the Desktop Publishing Designer program. She went on for several years doing photography and graphics for many catalogs and flyers working for various well known companies such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Sorell, Reebok and many others.

All along, mural and wall painting served Beata as a hobby, which has now transformed into a profession giving her much joy and satisfaction.


Bena’s experience also began in Poland and continues in Canada. After graduating from the Wojciech Gerson School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and specializing in exhibits, Bena went on to learn the exclusive skill of hand painting natural silk at the Milanowek Painting Studio – well known for this particular craft. Most of these unique painted silk designs were procured by the internationally famous Polish Fashion House (“DOM MODY POLSKIEJ”) mostly for use in designer wear. In addition, Bena also completed postgraduate studies in special needs childhood education.

Driven by her passion to improve her skills, Bena pursued a variety of painting techniques and organized exhibits showcasing her silk designs in the form of wall art, home décor items (i.e. pillows, drapery) and clothing.

Upon arriving in Canada, Bena completed the Visual Merchandising Arts Program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. While working as a decorator in many stores such as The Bay, Bena further developed her talents in interior décor and visual displays. After going on to paint wall murals for many years, she came to the conclusion that this is a great way to enhance the style and character of living spaces while fulfilling her painting skills and artistic expression.

B&B: the company

What started out as decorating and painting murals for their friends and neighbors as a favour or friendly gesture, Beata and Bena decided to combine and transform their skills and talents into a profession. Over the last few years, they satisfied a lot of happy clients.

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